Photos by: Artemus Jenkins
Words by: Yamileth Jaramillo

Meet Anisa Brenee, an Atlanta bred Media personality on Atlanta’s Hood Rich Radio, Influencer and Content Creator

We wait for conversations to happen and now we can have them whenever we want to.

I feel like being in this industry, we have a big responsibility. I never understood growing up why my parents didn’t want me to get on social media and being an adult now, I see how people use social media and don’t use social media. Oftentimes I feel like people just don’t understand how large of a platform they have. Even if they don’t have a ton of followers, there’s still a platform so there is still an opportunity to use your voice in the best way possible or even for the greater good. So I feel like even now, in this current climate I’m able to maybe give people some hope in a time they don’t feel there is any or provide another perspective for them to look at things from a different lens.

My mom got me my first radio when I was going to 6th grade and that was more of an alarm anyway, but I just remember waking up everyday at 6 o’clock and it was either Frank Ski and Wanda in the morning or Murph Dawg and CJ on 95.5/The Beat and I was just so in love with everything they did everyday. Having people call in and I was just like, ‘I really love these people and I have no idea what they look like.’ These people have real connections with listeners that 1 they never met but 2 these people probably have not met them either. It’s amazing what your voice can do, the messages you can amplify over the airwaves just getting people to and from work or going pick their kids up. Just anytime you get in the car, it’s like you’re talking to the same person everyday. I was like dang if I can do that I can do anything. if I can build a connection with somebody and they not even know a whole lot about me, just about the topics I choose to talk about, I think that’s so dope.