Your Vote Influences Everything

CHALLENGE: With the current state of the world (you know, Covid-19, political turmoil and social unrest) Coca Cola wanted to step up and push a message about voting. So, the Coca Cola Company partnered with GA Voting Works to encourage people to vote early for the upcoming presidential election. To add another grassroots layer to the campaign, the Coca Cola company asked Atlanta Influences Everything for a creative idea that would amplify the message… #VoteEarly.

SOLUTION: We suggested a limited edition AIE t-shirt featuring the slogan “Your Vote Influences Everything”. It played off the already popular slogan “Atlanta Influences Everything” and emphasized the power of voting. We agreed to print 1000 t shirts along with 100 additional for a capsule collection featuring a limited edition hat and mask for influencers. As added value, we planned a 1-day distribution event at three strategic locations within the city of Atlanta. The apparel production was executed with excellence, and the distribution event was executed with little to no resistance. All in all, this was a successful campaign.